Secrets For Living A Long Life | How To Live A Long Life

If you eat when you are not hungry you risk getting constipation and indigestion. Fermented and undigested food poisons the blood, weakening the organs and makes you susceptible to any of thousands of various acute and chronic diseases. To properly eliminate wastes, your digestive system should be rested by sufficient gaps between meals.

There were no bad apples in their society. Everyone felt part of something grand and wonderful from earliest childhood. This feeling of belonging showed in every aspect of their lives. Everyone worked for the benefit of the community and the nation. This helped develop and foster good mental and emotional qualities.

When you over extend your body, I suggest you go have a session with a Chiropractor or massage therapist and get your body put back into alignment. By having regular tune ups, you will be able to continue these sports for much longer and you will not have to suffer from "old football" injuries later in life.

It is not a rare sight in Japan to see an elderly out manually working in their farms, fields or gardens. Japanese elderly, Okinawans included, tend to keep themselves busy and stay in good shape with various physical activities such as gateball (a croquet-like game enjoyed by the elderly in Japan), traditional Japanese dances, and martial arts.

Our amazing bodies have the ability to compensate in many ways to overcome the toxins and poor diet most of us continually pour into them. Over time, however, the body does succumb to the results of poor nutrition and unhealthy living habits.

Don't stress yourself too much. Studies have shown that 70% of obesity is caused by stress resulting to large intake of food which are mostly rich in carbohydrates. Learn to take a rest when you feel tired and don't push yourself to work harder if your body can no longer make it. Our body just like anything else in this world needs to take a break and reenergize

People who live to a ripe old age are active almost every day. Not necessarily an active exercise program, but walking, movement of some kind throughout their years. They don't sit still for long.

So it seems to be that the secret of long life is related more to attitudes then it is environment. Deciding to have a positive instead of a negative attitude may be the strongest influencing factor to a long life. Deciding to worry about what you can change and not worry about what you can't change could be factor too.

The only way to do this is seek virtuous wisdom, and yet there are many sources; but few reveal truth that protects and provides for us. Our best advice is to watch those we consider as wise; ask them. We need sufficient intelligence to retain our health and well being. Life is precious. It has a sanctity we must think about a great deal to truly appreciate.