Simple Tips For Cruise Vacation Packing | Packing For Your Cruise Vacation

Make a list of the things you are going to carry to your vacation. A week before going to the cruise is a good moment to start writing the list.

Sunglasses, Guidebook, money/language translator, cell phone, laptop if you need to keep in touch with the outside world

If you are going to be leaving the country on your cruise, then you need to make sure that your carry a passport of your state issued driver's license or ID card.

Do not forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hairbrush, and the rest of your toiletries.

Label your luggage with a unique tag so you are able to identify it quickly to prevent any luggage mix ups.

Pack your toiletry kit with small travel-sized items. Better yet, get small refillable bottles and bring your favorite grooming products.

Wrap your wallet in a rubber band to avoid pickpockets.

Footwear is easy to overlook, so remember to bring tennis shoes, formal footwear, and maybe something in between for semi-formal nights at dinner. Sandals are another good footwear option for roaming around the ship.

You'll need a comfy pair and a formal pair. Make sure if you need a belt or something that for a particular outfit that you have that too.

Pack a carry on. You should plan on having a carry on item so that you can stow your important items and have them by your side at all times. Put in a change of clothing, your travel documents, your prescriptions, and a small amount of cash. Be sure to keep these items with you at all times.