How to Take Care of Diamond and Gold Jewellery

Diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry require regular care and cleaning at home in order to maintain there beauty. You'll want to clean your diamond ring or diamond jewelry on a regular basis by letting it soak for 5 to 10 minutes in warm water and a non-abrasive household cleaner.

It is advisable to have your bead or pearl necklaces restrung every couple of years, depending on how often you wear them. Ideally, all kinds of studded jewellery should be cleaned at least once a month.

Do not use your diamond ring when you are engaged in sports or other tough activities. Remove your diamond ring or bracelet when doing the dishes or gardening. The mounting of diamond might get loose when you do certain activities around the house that could cause the diamond to fall and be lost forever.

Special items such as a beautiful diamond necklace deserve special care. If you do not take good care of such pieces, then they will lose their lacklustre. It would be a shame for something so magnificent to fall from glory just because you failed to take care of it. Contrary to belief, it does not take that much effort to keep a diamond necklace at its best.

Everyday gently put the makeup and other products for your body. Anything that can land on your fine jewelry and cause it to lose the shine it had in the case of jewelry. This is not even sweat that emanates from body and also can make the land of jewels.

Clean the ring about once a month with a mild detergent mixed with warm water. Let the ring soak for about twenty minutes, then gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. Let it dry on a lint-free cloth.

Don't let your diamond come in contact with chlorine bleach or other chemicals, because they can pit or discolor the mounting. Some cleaning compounds that are oil-based such as soaps and other lotions will cover diamonds with a thin film layer making the diamond somewhat dull and lifeless. It may even irreversibly change the color of the diamond!

It is also a good policy to remove your jewelry when going into a hot tub, Jacuzzi or swimming pool. Chlorine could accumulate in your jewelry and make the gold or other metals brittle which could cause loosening of the prongs that hold the stones. The same is true for household bleaches, so it is wise to remove your jewelry when performing house cleaning functions.

You should avoid wearing silver while swimming, gardening or doing car maintenance. If is also better to keep it away from chemicals that would come in contact with you hand while washing dishes and clothes. If you apply makeup before wearing jewelry, you can maintain the shine of your rings much longer.

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