Best Ways to Grow Your Website Traffic

Growing the traffic to your website requires continuous effort. You need to make sure that your traffic generation strategies account for at least 60% of the time you have to spend on your business.
Include Keywords: anytime you post an article you must research on what people want. Include keywords in your articles so that your article would appear. Assuming you are in the weight loss industry you can write an article about how to lose weight fast. This is an SEO technique which you can use.

Increase your purchase level: You may do this by increasing the prospective of dealing with clients on a frequent basis. Another way to do this is by offering extra clientele value, thus working for client reliability. It is necessary to stay gentle and flexible with your clients to grow your business.

Social bookmarking: Social bookmarking sites are like Stumbleupon, Digg, Twitter, Pinterest, Delicious, Reddit that 'bookmarks' or 'saves' your favourite link and can be shared with friends or anyone viewing your profile. These social bookmarks enable other people to see what you like and also view those sites you have bookmarked. They can drive a lot of traffic to your site if your site has really interesting content that is shared by many people.

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, LinkedIn and many other social media sites can be used to create a fanbase or list and drive traffic to your site. The more you can grow your 'likes' 'fans' 'followers' etc the more you can promote your website and drive traffic.

Deliver fresh content. Be willing to take that extra mile and research for new topics that are affecting your chosen niche. Avoid rewriting other articles online or repeating the same information that online users have already read about as this will not bring value to your articles.

People leave comments for a reason; they are interested in your response. By responding, you're letting them know that you're actively involved in reading the comments and encouraging them to visit again. In addition, this is an effective way to become known in your industry as an expert.