Google Launches Android Device Manager for Lost Phones

Losing a phone are often sorrowful, particularly if it’s a Smartphone together with your email, photos, Facebook and Twitter account and far a lot of personal data.  

To assist such users, Google has launched the new humanoid Device Manager, which is able to keep your device and its information safe just in case you must lose your phone. It’s solely out there for Smartphone’s running humanoid four.2.2 and higher than. Per Google’s own estimates, only 6.5 % humanoid devices square measure so compatible.

If your device has fallen in a very corner of the house, the humanoid Device Manager permits you to quickly ring your phone at most volume thus you'll realize it, even though it’s been suppressed.

If you can’t get find your phone, users will then quickly and firmly erase all of the info with the device manager. Users can have to be compelled to sign into their Google Account to access the humanoid Device Manager.