Health Benefits of Breastfeeding | Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby

Breastfeeding provides the infant with many immunological benefits and protects against infectious diseases. The mother's immune system is more mature than a baby's over time the mother has had the opportunity to build resistance to many disease causing pathogens.
As many people are aware, there are many benefits for a baby that is breastfed. Many mothers choose to breastfeed as oppose to using more convenient formulas as a result of the good effects that breast milk has on a baby's growth and functioning. Breast milk is loaded with antibodies and nutrients that are not found in the synthetically made formulas that are available in most stores.

Most women are convinced of the benefits of nursing their babies, they just give-up when faced with challenges they are not prepared or equipped to deal with. Among the many benefits for the baby to be nursed, there are: Breastfed babies are less sick, have fewer ear and pulmonary infections and are less hospitalized.

Formula also needs to be mixed up before a baby can have it, and if out and about parents need to quickly find somewhere to sit down when their baby is hungry. Breastfeeding can be done on the go if necessary, and means mothers don't need to worry about being near somewhere to sit down and feed.

Breastfeeding is the healthiest start you can give your baby in life and many studies have shown that it also makes a significant contribution to the long term health and wellbeing of mothers too. Breastfeeding whilst providing a healthy start in life for a baby has the added benefit of making a positive contribution to the health and wellbeing of the mother.

During pregnancy it is quite normal for expectant mothers to put on weight. Breastfeeding helps use up the fat that was stored up during your pregnancy. In fact, breastfeeding can burn up to 500 calories a day, which will help you regain your pre-pregnancy figure.

Breastfeeding also has a number of benefits for mothers - in particular a reduced risk of breast and ovarian cancer in women who have breastfed one or more babies. Not only that but producing all that milk burns a lot of calories and helps Mom to shift those unwanted kilos she may have picked up during her pregnancy.

Additionally, some new mothers may feel dismayed that they are not producing enough milk during the first few days. This can be remedied if you will continue feeding your baby despite that problem. In time, your breast will have enough milk to meet your baby's needs.