How to Combat Hair Loss Due to Stress

First of all, try very hard to eat a balanced diet. You need to make sure you're taking in things like biotin, vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin e, and more. As I've said in pat articles, try eating things such as beans and dark green vegetables in order to get rid of your hair loss due to stress.

People get stressed out for a number of reasons - job loss, pregnancy, child birth, accidents, death of loved ones, serious health problems, and so on. It differs from person to person. When people become depressed or stressed out due to any of these reasons, their physical and mental health gets affected and this leads to hair loss due to stress.

Hair loss due to stress can occur as late as three months after you have suffered a particular stressful period therefore it may not be easy to connect the stress and hair loss occurrence but you may want to ensure when you go through a stressful period that you provide the same and sometimes extra care to your hair in order to maintain your locks.

Normally, a person will lose about 50 strands of hair per day and it will grow back quickly. If the food that you are consuming is not healthy, you will lose about more than 100 strands of hair a day. With no proper nutrients it is slower for the hair to grow back.

Alopecia Areata - This form of hair loss due to stress is a little more serious as it is thought to be an autoimmune disorder in which T cell lymphocytes cluster around the hair follicles, resulting in inflammation and subsequent loss of hair.

If you are experiencing stress, than you need to start changing your diet to replace the depleted nutrients caused by stress. The first vitamin you need to supplement with is the B-vitamins. These vitamins are always used up when you are stressed and they are critical in providing you with good hair.

Exercise-If you don't like exercising, you just haven't found the exercise form that fits you. Moving your body releases a lot of good things and reduces the stress level significantly studies have shown.