How You Can Decorate Tote Bags

Tote bags can be decorated to reflect your style and taste. They can be made into different forms like beach, library and knitting supply bags. You can also make them as gifts for your friends and loved ones on any special occasion. You can buy blank tote bags from craft stores or you can reuse those that are given away at stores or events.
What you will need is fabric tote bag, needle, thread, cardboard, waxed paper, transfer paper, chalk, brush and embellishments like appliques, buttons and bowknot. You could prepare everything you like to decorate your tote.

Using rhinestones and semiprecious stones can add a sparkling look to your bag. You can make beautiful floral patterns on the front flap of your bag with colorful rhinestones. You can either make a single design of reasonable size or can put several small designs throughout the bag. You can also buy cabochons from bead stores to embellish your bag.

You should be aware, though, that when you carry a big fabric tote bag into a store you are likely to be followed around by security because there's plenty of room to drop stolen goods into. But if you are doing nothing wrong there is nothing to worry about, let them follow you.

The bag is also convenient as it saves the guests from carrying different bags at the same time. For instance a mother with infant can use the tote bag for the baby's clothes and her wallet plus anything else that she might need. The guests will definitely appreciate the convenience that this bag brings to them.

Totes are especially useful for those who have a lot of things and do not have time to disseminate each item. From casual totes to business ones, each provides a multitude of roles, both independently or combined.

Tote Bags made of Jute have been around for a couple of years but have become popular just recently following the fashion worlds aggressive movement into finding new, durable and earth friendly materials. The consumers have responded with an over whelming demand for Tote Bags made of Jute which have an earthly feel, chic look without compromising on durability.