Samsung Galaxy Note III to Launch on September 4th

The Galaxy S III is the latest cell phone product by Samsung. Released only a few short months ago, it has been flying off shelves ever since. With a bigger screen and more features, the GS3 is paving the way for cell phone design and how we communicate with each other.

Samsung has also introduced a program called S Beam, which allows GS3 owners to share information, like photos and documents, just by touching the phones back-to-back. This makes interfacing with others a breeze and will no doubt spawn similar applications in the future.

Saving power is essential when you are traveling. This can be taken care of by the Power Saving mode. This mode comes handy for saving power in numerous ways as you can make changes in options that will be disabled for saving power. These options include screen power, CPU power, background color options and vibration mode.

The fast processor of the smartphone allows fast and smooth graphics.The users are going to definitely love the smaller, organic as well as comfortable design of the device. That's not all; the 4 inch Super AMOLED screen of the device offers brilliant viewing experience. The gentle curves deliver a superb natural feel and design.

Apps can be downloaded which allow you to wirelessly print documents, create invoices from templates and even scan business cards using the built in 8 megapixel camera, and an image of the card will then permanently be saved, and it will even create new phone and email contacts based on the info on the card.

Being an Android based phone, Google support was quite expected of the Samsung Galaxy 3. What I love is the very unobtrusive integration it provides and makes it easy to use all of these features. Your mobile in fact becomes a small little computer in your hand and you can carry your internet around at all times!