Steps To Listen and Communicate Effectively

Effective communication is essential in all aspects of our life - work, home and socially. How often do you get frustrated because someone misunderstood you or you them? How many times have you or someone else reacted differently to what you expected following a discussion or conversation? How well do you communicate?
Listening: it is not the same as hearing; a person can hear something and not really give attention to it but when you listen you consciously choose to give your whole attention. You hear with your ear and you listen with your mind. In order for a message to be properly conveyed the receiver needs to give their full attention in order to receive the message given.

Confidence is an essential role in being able to come across as a master of effective communication. If you demonstrate that you aren't confident in your abilities, people will instinctively think that lack experience and are bluffing your way.

 Be as encouraging as you can be. You do this so you can keep the conversation upbeat and positive. In addition you will just want to agree when necessary and add more positive comments which enhance the conversation.

When someone is talking, it's important you don't add your two cents, so to speak, too soon, even if your two cents is very valuable.

Show value for people's time by being as concise as possible when giving information. Do not give lengthy, unnecessary details and don't make excuses for your mistakes. Answer the question and give important information only.