Stop Complaining and Start Motivating

Someone who is highly motivated has a characteristic at work leading them to have a positive outlook with increased levels of effort. This is especially true when facing certain obstacles. Those who stay motivated and positive will consistently be far more focused on their goals and efforts compared to those who aren't.
It is important to acknowledge what isn't working in life or the dissatisfaction you might feel in a particular area, but to stay stuck in complaining, doesn't change your current reality. It just simply keeps you stuck, and depletes your energy even more. And before you know it your energy will spiral into a sea of negativity. Even though your current reality may not be your ideal, focus on what is great about it, whilst positively working to create a new reality.

AComplaining does nothing positive for you. All it does is exert a lot of energy and make you unhappy and possibly lead you to more complaining. It doesn't move you toward an outcome, it doesn't help you get anywhere in life, and it doesn't solve the problems that you are having.

You need a strong goal to keep yourself motivated. If you don't have a specific goal in life then it will be extremely difficult for you to keep yourself motivated. A life without a goal will only lead to confusion and frustration. Hence, it is important to set a challenging goal in life and try hard to attain it.

To be productive, motivated and focused to finish off the project, you can break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks.By breaking the project into smaller pieces, it will not seem so challenging.

When you feel those negative thoughts come crowding in again, actively turn your thoughts to more pleasant and positive ones and don't let the negative take up more of thoughts than you can possibly help. Did you see a person recently that seemed to be a wimp? But that wimp was smiling, unaware that you are suffering deeply.