Beauty Tips: How to Wear Metallic Make Up

Try metallic cosmetics to incorporate the trend. Again, only use metallic on one feature such as an eyeshadow in gold or silver with more subtle lip gloss or use a shiny lip colour with hints of metallic keeping eye make- up more subdued. A matching metallic manicure will also look stunning.

Younger women in their twenties and early thirties will look amazing in shimmer makeup. If you are young, you can go all out with your makeup colors. Use the most vibrant metallics you can find as you can get away with them. In fact, you would probably look amazing.

Apply a liquid eyeliner in a bright metallic shade like cobalt over your upper lashline. Draw the line from inner to outer corner of the eye and thicken the line drastically as you move outwards. Wing out as you go beyond the outer edge of the eye for that exaggerated rock chick look.

It is also a good idea to avoid any makeup products that contain large amounts of glitter or are extra shiny. This includes lip products, which often produce a shiny or glossy look. Often times when a subject is wearing a lip gloss or shiny, metallic lipstick it ends up looking wet in the photo, which some might misconstrue as saliva. Not a good look. You will want to use a mild color for the lips, nude or very light pinks will cause the lips to almost disappear in black and white photographs. 

The unique finish and look that they have been able to get out of metallic nail polish products has contributed to a lot of its success. Though it is very much a question of personal preference, the acceptance and move towards metallic shades by youngsters in particular was a very pronounced one.

You can apply metallic eyeshadow over your entire eyelid for a real head turning look.Or you could use a more neutral shade like peach, brown or lilac, but highlight the inner corner of the eye by lining it with a silver or gold eye pencil.

If you're feeling bored at the office, try some metallic colors like gold, silver, or any other metallic color that has a lot of shimmer in it. This will definitely put some excitement in your day and keep things interesting.