Best Under Eye Skin Care Tips

When you ask people what they first look at when they meet someone most people will tell you: the eyes! Naturally most people want their eyes to be framed with the most beautiful skin possible, so that they can look and feel their best.

Most make up products are filled with chemicals. These chemicals and mineral oil cause clogged pores, blemishes, dryness, and premature aging. Today there are lots of completely natural make up to choose from that helps keep your eye skin healthy and beautiful. Get a good eye cream and use it religiously. Unknown to many, not all eye creams are made equally. What may work for your friend might not necessarily work for you. 

Choosing a good eye cream is a trial and error process, so once you've found the perfect cream for you, stick to it forever. To stimulate good blood flow, try using coffee grounds. Coffee has the ability to speed up blood flow in the body. Use leftover coffee grounds. Apply it under your eyes and let it stay there for at least 30 minutes. Your eyes will immediately look vibrant and alert.

There are some great natural remedies, for example vitamin C helps to grow collagen under your eyes also green tea is very beneficial because it helps to get rid of darkness. Vitamin K also helps to remove dark circles under eyes.

If you are using contact lenses then it is advisable for you to use artificial tears often and limit your outdoor exposures. If you are using soft contact lenses then limit your alcohol intake. Remember that soft lenses require lot of moisture and if they tend to dry then can stick and change the shape of your eyes.

Keep equal amount of triphala powder and sugar candy (powdered) in a glass jar and take one teaspoonful with one teaspoonful of honey on an empty stomach morning and evening and drink 250 gm of milk over it for 2-3 months. This cures all the diseases of the eyes.

Cucumber will add moisture to the skin and thus reduce the fine lines by hydrating. Fresh cucumber is best. Cool and place on each eye for about 10 minutes. A cucumber mask is also very beneficial and it feels so refreshing to the entire face.

Good way to reduce swelling is to apply a cool mask or slices of cucumber around the eyes. Applying cool cream to the skin will reduce the swelling. Try not to rub your eyes, as this can irritate the skin and make it puffy.

The best eye cream for dry flaky skin will provide even better results if these ingredients are combined with natural oils such as babassu wax. If you find one with all these ingredients, you can be sure that the under eye cream will nourish your dry skin, making it supple and smooth and reducing the flakiness. Not only that, it will postpone the appearance of wrinkles, or reduce existing ones.