Boot Camp Workout to Get in Shape

Pairing campers up with a partner will change the whole dynamic of a workout. You can have partners complete the exercises together (ex. partner push-ups,) have them take turns (ex. partner sprints,) or you can have them work as a team to accomplish an exercise. 
The workouts are very different from what is available in the run-of-the-mill gyms. They are more fun and challenging, but never boring. Time passes rather quickly in the engaging camp atmosphere and you are always mentally more relaxed.

Most routines are personalized to meet individual needs anyways. If you like practicing yoga or participating in a certain sport, your trainer would probably be quite happy to help you switch up your workouts and include some related activities into what you already do. This helps break the monotony and stimulate your metabolism.

Workouts are done outdoors which makes it refreshing, fun and exciting and a different way to lose weight and stay fit unlike the monotonous, more structured gym exercises. Being close to nature is also a good way to invigorate your body aside from the exercises you are performing.

A fitness boot camp consists of many calisthenic, bodyweight, strength training, and Cardio exercises. It includes running sprints, doing push ups, and performing plyometrics and interval training workouts. You also have to perform squats (strength training exercise) and lunges (weight training exercise) for strengthening lower body parts, burpees (cardiovascular exercise), and speed training with sprints.

One good example will be to run for 30 to 45 minutes in the morning and then do a core body workout at night for day 1. For the second day, you can do cardio exercises in the morning for 30 to 45 minutes and then do some light weights at night, finally, walk for 30 minutes.

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