Business Women's Guide to Fashion- Wear Beaded Watch Band

While beading face watches may not have been their first choice of jewelry making, they will not regret their decision once they have started. Working with rhinestones, art deco sliders, and floral beads is not only fun, it also offers an opportunity to create a real piece of art - a creation they can wear to school or show off at parties.

Watches, like other pieces of jewelry, are sold in parts at the wholesale level. This includes watch faces and watchbands sold separately. For the latter, watchbands are sold in sets in case of watch repairs, such as a frayed or damaged band. Watch faces sold at wholesale have the same purpose, although they're still sold individually. 

A good watch is a man's most evident choice for a fashion accessory. In extremely conservative situations a watch and a wedding band may be the limits of good taste. The main rule in such situations is to wear a watch that coordinates with your clothes and is appropriate for the occasion. An exceptional watch will go well with anything, but don't wear trendy or sporty watches with formal attire or in conservative social settings.

Wooden beads can be tied together on wire, string, leather straps, or chains to create beautiful items of jewelry. These pieces are used to make necklaces, rings, earrings, ankle bracelets, watch fobs, and wrist bracelets. Because the beads are so versatile they can be painted, stained, left plain, varnished, or polished to create different looks. 

If you are selling to make a profit and the customer is looking for quality crystal beads, Swarovski are the ones to use although any crystal beads actually look good particularly over glass beads. But both glass and crystal can be used in jewellery making one isn't better over the other as both are actually breakable. The only difference would be is that crystal would likely require the use of sturdier elements e.g. clamps, etc.