Different Types Of Bra

Knowing the type of bra and the different conditions under which you need a regular bar or a specialty bra will take away the frustrations in dealing and finding the right fit. A badly fitting bra could lead to all sorts of problems muscle tension, headaches, back pain etc. 

T-shirt Bra: These are generally designed for everyday use. The cups are purposely made seamless so you can pull down your clothes smoothly. These bra are provided with thick padding to conceal the nipples.

Padded Bra: The padded bra consists of padding that is in between the cup. This type of bra is mostly used by teenage girls and small breasted women. Teenage girls often feel more comfortable with this type of bra because the added padding makes breasts appear fuller therefore helping growing girls feel more comfortable with their body.

Plunge Bra: A Plunge Bra is lower at the front than a Balcony Bar and tends to push the breasts together and upwards. Hence it's great for enhancing cleavage, which a lot of women really like.

Adhesive Bra: The adhesive bra is probably the easiest to wear - just peel off the protective backing and then place over the breasts - and, thus, it is suitable for strapless and backless dresses.

Compression:Like any other sports bra, this type of bra has its main function, which is to protect your breasts from bouncing. A compression bra pulls your breasts closer to your body and gives it a better lift. The more your breasts are compressed closer to your chest, the minimal or perhaps the bounce will be totally eradicated. 

Demi Bra: The demi-bra is great for wearing with shirts or dresses that have really low necklines. The demi-bra works with these types of necklines because the demi-bra has the half-cups rather than full-cups. The half-cups end just above the nipples, so there is no risk of being seen with low necklines. 

Wonder Bra: These are very popular bras and are also know as wonder bras. They are padded bras that help lift and push the breast forward. There are many different types in the market today. There are wonder bras with extra padding and some that have silicone inserts. They all provide support in one form or the other and create a full cleavage.

The bra sizes available these days are incredible, and whether you are large, small or in between you can get a great fit at the right price - and you can choose from some stunning designs and styles.