Health Benefits of Squash | How Playing Squash Gets you Fit

Maybe you have been on the lookout for an amazing activity that will assist you to stay in wonderful good condition and health, then squash can be an extremely good option because the number of calories burned playing squash is quite good.
The most significant benefits of playing squash is muscle development. During a game, you will have to work your entire body to keep up with the other guy. From long leg strides to short and speedy hand actions, a squash game makes use of your upper in addition to lower body.

Squash essentially requires a court to be played in. Perform research on the squash courts in your local area and check if they need some type of membership to allow you to play. Usually local squash courts do not charge a high fee and may even offer you various packages.

Before play, it is advisable to warm up squash balls by hitting them 50 to 100 times. This will warm up the air inside the ball, making the ball more lively and bouncy. Take care of squash balls and keep them clean. During play they can pick up dirt and dust which affects the way it feels and behaves.

It's impossible to say what weight racket you should buy - don't listen to anybody who says otherwise. You need to get a feel for different racket brands and weight. Racket weight vary from around 110 grams to 160-170 grams, even a bit heavier.

The piece of equipment that most squash players usually get right is the racquet. That's because squash players, like golfers, spend a lot of time obsessing about their racquets. That said, like court shoes, choice of racquets is a very personal decision.