How Packaged Foods Destroy your Health

If you buy packaged foods, you need to be diligent about reading ingredients lists, even on organic foods. If you buy non-organic packaged foods, you're probably eating foods with GMOs. The majority of the non-organic packaged foods contain genetically engineered ingredients from corn, soy, sugar beets, canola oil or cottonseed oil.
Most packaged food contains excessive amounts of salt and sugar, and a long list of preservatives, artificial flavors and coloring, which if consumed regularly in even moderate amounts, is ultimately detrimental to your overall health. Oh sure, you won't just won't be nearly as healthy as you would if you had maintained a natural, healthy diet.

Prepackaged foods are expensive. When you have reached your weight loss goal you still have not been taught how to cook healthy for yourself and your family, leaving you to gain the weight back again.

Processed foods are mainly chemically altered so they appeal to your taste buds, they can also trick your body's regulatory signals that would normally tell you it's had enough to eat - snacks like potatoes chips (you know the kind that make you want to eat the whole bag- check the packaging)! These chemical cocktails are crammed full of large amounts of sugar, salt, corn syrup and MSG, these radically increase the chances of you becoming addicted to them.

Some of these chemicals are known to be harmful to health, while the effects of others are still unknown. A diet for teenagers that doesn't include these harmful chemicals promote weight loss and long-term health.

Processing can introduce hazards that are not found in unprocessed foods, due to additives, preservatives, chemically-hardened vegetable oils or trans-fats, and excessive sugar and salt. Indeed, the additives in processed foods... flavourings, sweeteners, stabilisers, texture-enhancing agents and preservatives among other... may have little or no nutritive value, or may actually be unhealthy.

Foods such as arugula, hemp seeds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, broccoli sprouts, raw honey, aloe vera, papaya, berries, and burdock root are rich in minerals including silicon, biotin, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, and manganese, all known for their importance for strong hair, skin, and nails.