How to Apply Blush

For most women, applying foundation makeup, makeup blushes, lipstick and eyeliner on their face is a daily ritual. They would never dream of leaving their house without being properly made up. That would be like going out of the house without any clothes on! Makeup is as important to their face as shoes are to their feet.
You should avoid bright reds--no mature woman has that natural tone.  You should be aiming for a natural finish, not one that makes you look fake, or worse, clown-like.  The colors and textures you used when you were younger just don't work for you anymore.  The skin is different from what it used to be and so is the texture of it.  Rethink it, rework it and you will look fabulous.

You should be able to recognize what is referred to as the apple of your cheek. This area is where you want to achieve a natural glow as if you were only slightly Blushing. Blend a lighter color on the apple of your cheek while blending it into the darker color you used in your hollow. Blending is key to a finished professional cosmetic look.

Tint blushes are normally used by more advanced users because it's more of a stain. When you apply it you must make sure that you work fast and finish before it dries. Although tint blushes are not as easy to use it certainly stays on very long until you wash it off.

Bronzers truly compliments tan to dark skin tones. If you have fair skin, make sure you pick a light shade so you do not appear overdone. Bronzers work well to give a warm, sun-kissedlook to the face. You can also apply bronzer to the neck, shoulders, and chest to even out your look.

Put blush on the right way. Ditch the tiny applicator that comes with your blusher and get use a big, professional brush to use instead. Be sure to have a separate brush for your powder and your blusher. Swirl the brush around a few times and knock tap off any extra. With a cream blusher, put a small amount, about the size of a pea, on your finger.

Mineral makeup blush has several shades. Makeup artists usually suggest that you choose the shade closest to your skin. If your skin is dark, you should choose the darker blush shade like burgundy or wine. If your skin is fair, get the mineral makeup blush shade that is pinkish or is in coral shades.

Powder blushers provide a natural looking finish. Generally it is easy to apply, goes on smooth and blends well. Apply with a wide brush after you have applied your foundation or powder. Select a texture that is sheer and can easily build upon. Additionally powder blush is recommended for oily.