How to Take Care of Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be a genetic trait; it can also be caused by applying too many or too strong chemicals to your hair. These chemicals can dry out your hair and weaken the strands, resulting in breakage and frizz. Shampoo can be one of these chemicals. Of course, in our culture, we can't really feel clean if we don't shampoo every day, or at least three times a week. But that does not change the fact shampoo - the wrong kind - can be causing your frizz.

The very best way to prevent hair frizz is to prevent it from happening in the first pace. And you do this by using a powerful herbal oil like Mira oil. It is a deep oil treatment that will keep your scalp moist which will stop the frizz. Use the oil twice a week and this would be enough to stop the drying process..

Use warm water while shampooing. Warm water opens the hair cuticles and helps to absorb conditioner which goes directly to your hair shaft (root) and treat it by moisturizing. Do not forget to use cool water while rinsing out the conditioner. Ringing with cool water will close your hair cuticles again and will you to prevent more frizz. Do conditioning at least once a month.

To prevent frizz, most people apply a serum while their hair is still wet. Not only is serum effective in preventing frizz but it is also great in removing tangles, making the hair easy to comb even when wet. Hair serum contains different moisturizing ingredients like soybean oil which effectively coats the hair strands, leaving it smooth and shiny.

Take your shower under cool water since it closes the cuticles so that moisture is not being able to get out. You can certainly use warmer water but try not to apply them at your head.

Moroccan oil combines traditional methods with modern needs and technology. It rejuvenates hair and brings new opportunities to stylists and salons. For centuries Argan oil has traditionally been used by women in Morocco to take care of hair and nails in order to neutralize the effects of the hot climate and aging.

Also use the right kind of styling products. Again go for the products designed specifically for chemically treated hair. However do keep its usage within limits or it might lead to hair turning grimy. Also avoid those products that lead to dehydration of the hair strands such as lotions, gels and sprays.