How to Wear Vintage Accessories

Styles of sunglasses come and go but vintage styles are back in style again. Each year there is a new style of sunglass on the market. These type of sunglasses are popular with young and old alike. They are very sleek and give every person who wears them more personality and style. 

As such, vintage pieces are worth your time and money. You can buy them from specialty shops. You can join jewelry auctions where you can buy them at affordable prices. There are also online stores where you can buy beautiful pieces. Just make sure that you buy from reliable shops.

A plain vintage tee is fine for a Saturday afternoon lounging around the house, but you can take it so much further with just a little accessorizing. Try pairing your favorite vintage tee with a chunky necklace, a bold vintage brooch or a big bracelet. It will add punch to your outfit and dress it up a little.

Vintage clothing is also easy to identify based on the fabric; older textiles feel very different from anything manufactured these days and usually come in colours that we don't see much of in current trends.

Vintage party dresses were usually shiny with gold embroidery. You can change this look by wearing it on black stockings or leggings. Wear the right kind of accessories on it and you are all set to party. The vintage style is all about experimenting and being versatile. You can be creative and make your own look. 

Choosing the right colors for your vintage wedding will help set the scene and will take your wedding guests back in time. Use muted colors like beige, ivory, toupe, or stone grey. Once you've established a few base colors, add an accent color like siege green, vintage rose pink, peachy orange, or deep purple.

Adding a vintage feel to your big day doesn't mean you need to have a custom vintage style dress. You can add to the dress you already have: vintage lace gloves, a cool retro hairstyle, or some Marilyn Monroe makeup. You can decorate the tables of the reception dinner with vintage photographs of your and your partner's family, making a sweet gesture to the importance of family in your lives.