Natural Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

The most obvious way of boosting your chances of getting pregnant is to have sex quite frequently. Although this might seem pretty trivial, the timing of having sex is equally important. Women ovulate at different times according to their cycles, so it is essential to calculate their most fertile days.
Bananas are an alkalizing food, probably giving rise to the old wives tale that you should eat bananas if you want a son.  Most fruits and veggies have a low PH as do the minerals magnesium, calcium, and potassium.  Many people don't know that the gold standard for low PH foods are lemons and watermelons, but you can't just load your diet with these and hope for the best.

Caffeine is believed to reduce fertility. It also is believed to be risky during pregnancy with an increased risk of miscarriage with more than very mild use. Caffeine's effect on fertility and pregnancy is controversial - some believe it to be harmful in even small quantities and others believe it is fine with moderate use

A diet rich in iron and folic acid is very conducive for conception. Iron can be attained from eating apples and leafy vegetables like spinach. Iron can also be attained from lean beef, chicken and sea foods like crab and oysters.

Another great way to add good fats to your diet is to try eating more coconut oil. The good fats in this oil will help regulate your blood sugar levels and help your body produce energy. It's also incredibly easy to work into your daily diet.

A lot of fertility experts and healthcare providers have agreed that the average Western diet is deficient in some micro-nutrients that may affect the ability to conceive babies. That's why you should take some nutritional supplements to enhance reproductive capability. Consult your doctor on what type of supplements and vitamins to take. Any supplement should at least contain folic acid, which is vital for a baby's development.

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