Right Way to Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

Women love their hair. It's signifies their look, their style to showcase to the World. Your hair says a lot about you, and it's for this very reason that women often strive to keep their own hair in it's best possible condition throughout the year. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when trying to keep your hair healthy.

Before you can care for your hair, you need to understand the type you have. Read up on its characteristics and get to know the tips and best practices that will keep it clean and in great condition. If you don't do this, you could do something that could cause damage.

Normally always at the root of the hair and very rarely at the ends. Oil through the lengths of the hair is eliminated by use of colour and heated appliances, which are both very common these days. Oily lengths can often look a little glossy, as oil makes hair look slick. Oil also makes hair limp, and you can struggle to get it to do anything.

Conditioning is necessary for natural and relaxed hair. This deep treatment penetrates your scalp, and release natural hair growth vitamins. I especially recommend deep conditioning your hair after taking down an install or braids. If you have recently taken a style, then I suggest first washing your hair with water and conditioner, then apply your shampoo. This procedure will prevent any tangling and matting under water. It would also make your hair more manageable, when drying.

You should also keep your hair clean so as to prevent tangling. Hair that has a build up of dirt or sweat is more likely to become tangled than clean hair so make sure you are washing your hair enough. Before washing you should also be sure to remove all the tangles before attempting to wash your hair.

Keep in mind that the roots of your hair grow from your scalp. They must be unchained from all the grime and dirt. Use shampoo to clean your scalp rather than using it on your mane. Start shampooing from the scalp and do not just frankly apply it on your hair. 

Remove the excess water from your hair using a towel. You can air-dry it for a while. After that, apply a protective product on your hair. Distribute it well from roots to tips. This will protect your hair from the heat.