Shimmer With These Silver Jewellery Trends For 2014

 Trends are changing now and modern men nowadays prefer more trendy and fashionable silver jewellery. They have also started caring about how presentable they look. It is believed that men's jewellery helps in adding confidence to their personality. 

Men's wedding rings are not an essential part of a marriage but modern men's usually opt to present their wedding ring to their spouses. Because of this reason men's wedding ring made of silver or other metals like titanium etc. are famous men's jewelry in East countries. Cufflinks are also very common in Middle East men's jewelry mostly made with silver. 

A good dealer will stock high quality pendants of a variety of styles and makes, from many leading brands. Many pendant styles today are celebrity-inspired, and the highest in demand. In particular, emerald and amber pendants are the most popular. Amber pendants have a sensual, mystic glow to them. 

Cuff bracelets, large bangles made of either silver or Lucite are trendy. The colorful Lucite style bangle is generally mid-range in width whereas the silver bangles generally are smaller and come two, three, and four to a set. 

The silver bracelet like the charm bracelet is a prime example of this. Allowing the wearer to customise it fully to express their individuality. But it doesn't have to stop there. Often people will wear these charms on necklaces and attach them to other items. Bracelets can also be used to create attention and style.

You can now get access to a more simple option or elegant looking pair of sterling silver earrings. What make silver jewellery very popular nowadays aside from its price; is its beautiful designs as well as how they can be easily matched to whatever outfit you wear. So it's definitely essential to have your own silver collection added into your jewellery box these days.

Retailers can capitalise on this insight by catering to this diverse audience - make sure you have a good selection of 'day' jewellery, in keeping with the more austere tone of the day but make sure there's still something to look at!