Surprising Benefits of Running

Running is addictive. Speak to anyone who is a runs or jogs regularly and you will find that everyone has different motivations. Some run to keep their weight down, or to help them lose weight. Others run because it makes them feel happier and healthier. Some people run because they feel it is good exercise.

Running not only enables you to complete physical challenges but improves your confidence as you achieve goals or overcome barriers. Perhaps you beat a personal best time or complete a charity run for the first time, this is not only a positive experience at the time but is likely to spill over into other areas of your life enabling you to think and act with confidence. 

When you run, you increase the circulation around your body. Sexual organs fail or sexual impotency happens when you have poor circulation to these areas. If you keep exercising, you increase general blood flow to you sexual organs which makes you stronger there and also more potent!

The leg muscles will be pushed to keep up with the pace of the running machine. This will cause them to be torn down. They will rebuild themselves in a day or two, which makes them even stronger. Additionally, the lower back will get stronger from holding the body upright, and the arms will get stronger from moving back and forth with the stride.

One of the main benefits of running that people are especially enthusiastic about, is the fact that it's such a great way to lose weight and get in shape. As far as frequency is concerned, generally, it's recommended that a person run between 3 - 5 times per week, every week, for a duration of around 40 - 60 minutes per session, assuming of course that they maintain a constant speed and intensity. 

Running builds muscle due to the constant exercise and effort required when you run. As you run muscles are constantly working to propel you forward and adjust to uneven surfaces and this continued usage allows muscle tissue to develop, firming and toning legs and bums.

Breaths must come from the deep belly thereby forcing the lungs to use more of their potential. Running will help prevent osteoporosis because it helps bones stay healthy and produce more bone cells. As one exercise the muscles and tendons pull away from the bone making the body produce more bone cells. Running also helps one's immune system. 

Runners feel confident when they are able to finish a race. The level of their self-esteem increases more when they get to beat their personal bests and set another goal to reach. Perhaps, finishing a 5k marathon used to be difficult as you were starting, but now you can stand much longer runs.