The Expert Guide to Office Make Up

When you work in an office setting, chances are that you wear your makeup very light when working around coworkers, managers and clients. Day makeup should always be lighter because office lights and bright sunlight outside can give darker makeup looks a not-so-favorable appearance.
If your face skin is free from acne or blemishes, it is recommended that you don't need to wear foundation. It would be better for you to apply moisturizer and sun block on your face skin to get the natural look.

For your lips, anything in an earth tone color, like browns, taupes or brick reds, will look almost dirty under fluorescent lights. Try a nice peach or nearly nude gloss or lipstick instead for the office.

Pick a foundation that matches your skin tone so you don't come across as a two-tone woman - neck one color, face another. Also, trying using a matte power so that you don't become oily or shiny throughout the day. Sometimes work can be stressful and when you start to sweat you don't want to lose your look. Apply the powder on top of your foundation or instead of it.

Cleansers, blushers, eye shadows, eye liner, mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, lip liner, lip contour, lipstick fixer and loose power are other components of any face makeup kit. However a perfect make up kit is not complete without mentioning about some of the essential tools such as brush, puffs, sponges, empty and full palettes which help in applying the make up.

 You should keep in mind that your body language and facial representation can split the relationship between you and them. Never try to show impiety to them because everyone has the legal right to show his own opinion.