Top Trendy Hairstyles For Men

Hairstyles for men have always seen a huge variation but in the modern times, the trend, the style, and the appeal has dramatically modified into a more advanced and contemporary form. With the growing fashion, men are also becoming fashion conscious and are experimenting variety of hairstyles to give a retro and attractive look to their personality.

One of the most popular dread lock styles is the Lenny Kravitz style named after famous musician Lenny Kravitz. This style is appropriate for those who have thick hair which is curly. In this style, one has to grow his hair, back, sides and front to reach the same length. The hair should then be worn in thick braid lifestyle.

Finer hair does not require as much product to be used as thicker types of hair. If you do not feel comfortable using gels then waxes can achieve a softer looking style. If you do not know your hair type or want a recommendation you can ask your stylist during your appointment.

Crew Cut is one of the most sought-after hairdo for men. It can easily exude a masculine appeal. It also accentuates your jaw line and cheekbones. It is the most appropriate hairdo for oval faces. It looks irresistible and hot. However, you should completely avoid this cut if you have big ears, abnormal head shapes and abnormal features. Celebrities like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise looks excessively handsome in a crew cut.

The curls are a hairstyle that is being embraced for quite some time now, especially for men who naturally have curly hair. Before men who had curly hair did whatever they can to straighten out their hair, but now they have learned not to fight against their curls but instead to go along with it. 

For young men, the common and trendy hairstyle is the spiky hair. To achieve this look the hair must be in medium length and hair products has to be used such as wax and gel to make the spiky look. There are many types of spiky look and each style caters to both formal and non-formal occasion.

A variation of the mohawk, the fauxhawk is usually a bit more subtle in its presentation. The hair on the sides of the head is cut shorter but not shaved like a traditional mohawk. The top is longer than the sides and is styled upwards with gel, hair spray or other similar hair products.

Square is a very masculine facial shape. It has a lot of angles. If you have a square face, you'd probably have chiseled cheekbones and chin. Unless you want to look ultra-manly like the very square-faced Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Terminator role, you'd need to soften your angles with your haircut. A layered hairstyle and avoiding a center part will do the trick.