Trendy Men Designer Clothes for Fashion Lover

Gone are the days where clothes were just clothes, in today's society they are a symbol of status, style and personality. Those in dark clothes and leathers are often the moody Goths, the smart, suit wearing persona belongs to that of the 'geek' whilst the bright and barely-there clothing is for the overly confident and overly flashy. 

There are about as many designer labels and fashion houses as there are different tastes and preferences. Different fashion houses will have different clothes in season. The quality of the clothes will also definitely differ because the levels of expertise and production also vary from one house to another. It is up to you as the consumer what is good enough or not between the options that you have. 

Bonobos is popular among men for trousers because of the incredible fit they offer. However, not many people know that this American label also makes blazers for men that are expertly tailored and in colours other than the usual black, blue or grey. The cut is not skinny but rather lean and slim, making Bonobo a fantastic choice for guys looking for the right fit.

Jeans Intelligence is meant for youngsters and is considered to be cool jeans wear for casual jeans lovers. They are knitted beautifully with carefully selected fabrics and colours in daring designs and funky prints.

Designer clothing is a unique piece of range of clothing and that is what you are buying into; the "design" created by that specific designer. Admittedly there will no doubt be a huge hoard of copies available but the quality, the exact perfection of the design and the evident uniqueness won't be there and if you are fortunate to find that it is; then the quality will be lacking. No copy can be as good as the original which is why people prefer purchasing the real thing from the real label.

By far the most popular style of jacket this year is the windcheater. You will find a range of windcheaters on the market, for both formal wardrobes, such as those sold in by Gucci, and in the semi-casual market, including Superdry windcheaters.

If you keep on buying designer clothes from today then you will realize that you have too few clothes but too attractive to be kept away from people seeing it. This is what designer clothes are all about. You can get the same pant or skirt's imitation some distance away at a lower price but that will not look as good as the original ones and you can feel it.

Manish's designs have been adored by many leading actresses in Bollywood. Manish is one of the first costume designers who ventured into the mainstream fashion with his high-profile couture store in 1999. He is known for creating glamorous designs with traditional Indian textures, colors and embroideries.


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