Understanding Hair Extensions

For those who have trouble growing thick hair, luscious locks can come from high quality wigs or extensions. Even without trouble, there are many celebrities who have known about the secret of hair extensions for some time. If you want to get a beautiful head of hair and don't want to wait the months and years it can take to grow it then you'll want to take a closer look at hair extensions. 

Real hair extensions are available as either clip-in (best for temporary and daily wear); bonded extensions (extension fused to natural hair) and weaves - extension hair is weaved and blended with natural hair. Because of the strain placed on the follicles, extensions are best used to boost existing natural hair which is relatively strong.

Because real hair extensions can easily get tangled or detach from the weft (clip-in) or bond, they should only be combed using a wide tooth comb from tip to root in a downward motion. This will also help preserve the outer cuticle.

Bonding may be perfect for the diva that wants length and or fullness for a shorter period of time. A lot of times damage to the hair is done because the sewn-in hair extensions are left in too long and the natural hair suffers. Bonding may also be a good solution for a few pieces here and there.

Synthetic hair reacts differently from human hair and although this might not be visible to the naked eye, it becomes only too apparent when trying to treat the extensions such as by curling and straightening when the fibres react differently and the fibre content may be spoiled.

Clip-ins recently have become popular when in fact they have been in use for some time. Clip-ins are ideal for those with thin and fine hair. This type of hair tends to break easily when too much pressure is applied to it. Sew-ins regretfully will cause breakage to fine hair. Clip-ins can be applied daily which allows your own hair breaks in-between.

Finding the right hair extensions does not have to be a complicated affair. You can find a lot of quality pieces, synthetic and otherwise, online and in better beauty supply stores. If you have additional questions about these products, feel free to chat with your hairdresser. 

The shine of extensions can be easily maintained by braiding them before you go to sleep. The extensions can be protected from getting tangled if you leave them in the same position. However, you will not feel comfortable if your hair is braided too tightly.