What You Need to Know About Donating Blood

Donating blood is one of easiest ways to support your community and is a simple way you can save up to three lives. It is a relatively simple procedure and entirely safe. The process takes just an hour and requires little preparation.
If you've decided to starting donating blood plasma for money you should make sure you are in the habit of drinking a lot of water.  Giving plasma donations can dehydrate you and cause physical problems such as nausea, dizziness and headaches.  While the symptoms are only temporary, they are uncomfortable none the less so stay hydrated.

Giving blood does not make you weak, and our body soon replaces the amount of blood you have given. One elderly foreign leader was asked why he looked young. He replied that because he was a regular blood donator, the fresh blood coursing through his veins added to his health.

The donation process is also completely safe thanks to disposable, single use equipment. Many blood services also offer snacks and beverages for their donors after the donation process, and can answer questions about blood types and test results. Blood platelet donation can be a relaxing way to spend an afternoon while saving a life.

The plasma that you donate is used to treat burn victims and those with hemophilia. It is also being used by researchers to find new cures and treatments for a variety of medical conditions. Feel proud knowing that your plasma is helping people.

Blood donation has very rare complications and a common individual would face only a slight weakness or headache on average after donating blood. One should resolve all the doubts and myths and come forward for the noble act of blood donation.

In order to donate blood you must have a maximum weight of 110 pounds. This was set, in order to be able to retrieve at least 450 ml of blood per individual, making it only the 12% of their blood circulation.

If you have never donated blood and would like to save a life or three, contact your local blood bank or stop by a blood drive in your area.