Are You At Risk for Diabetic Nephropathy | Diabetic Information

Diabetic nephropathy - kidney disease that results from diabetes - is the number one cause of kidney failure. There is near one third of diabetic people are likely to develop a complication of diabetic nephropathy.
If your patient is waiting for a kidney transplant, keep in mind that finding a suitable organ donor takes a long time and places a significant strain on the patient and her family. After yourpatient undergoes the transplant, her physician will prescribe immunosuppressant drugs.

Patients who are exposed to drugs causing nephrotoxicity, such as certain antibiotics and IV contrast media, may suffer acute renal failure. Diabetics with uncontrolled hypertension are likely to have a more rapid progression of renal disease.

Turmeric is made from the dried root of a plant called Curcuma longa. It is yellow and its flavor is described as similar to a combination of ginger and pepper. It is used in curries and in many recipes from India, Indonesia, Africa, the Middle East and the West Indies.

Diabetes can affect the whole process and damage the co-ordination. High-level blood sugar overloads the filters of kidney with blood. This work hardens the filters. For years, this practice starts leaking and useful protein is missing in urine.

Nervous system disorder due to diabetes is called Diabetic Neuropathy. Small blood vessels are damaged in great extent due to diabetes. The circulation of blood inside nervous system is affected. Damage in the nervous system can bring numbness, burning and aching in the lower portion of the body. Minor injuries in the feet can cause serious infections, ulcers, gangrene etc.