Benefits of the Kettle Bell

Your muscles must work together in a synergistic harmony in order to move the bell in a continuous manner. I like to think of this lift as being a hybrid type of an olympic lift. If you want to perform you have got to include snatches into your training routine.

From arms to shoulders, from backs to legs, and from hearts metabolism, a kettlebell workout can be used to perform so many different exercises. They can be used to perform squats, curls, presses and more. By adding an explosive lift to any of the moves with a kettle bell, you can seriously increase your instantaneous power.

You see when you press the kettle bell overhead it lies over the back of your forearm, unlike a dumbell which fits closely into the angle of your hand. With the bell draped over the back of your forearm it makes it easy for your joints to "pull away" from your body. This "pulling away" doesn't only make you stronger, but it improves your shoulder range of motion as well.

Kettle bell swings provide an extreme cardio conditioning option that is easy on knees that have suffered over the years from too much running. Swings are a perfect choice for extreme cardio workouts, whether done heavy with brief Tabata style swings working 20 seconds and resting 10 seconds or just doing swing intervals for 10 - 20 minutes on the minute with a heavy kettle bell.

Kettlebell workouts provide total body conditioning. With the use of kettle bells, you can utilize large muscle groups simultaneously. Moreover, this type of training includes the continuous activation of the various core muscles.

Besides to dropping body fat, the kettle bell swing is an excellent exercise that will tone up the butt muscles. Because of the repeated fast muscular contraction in the butt cheek muscles to project the hip forward, you will feel an intense workout on the muscles in the butt. Kettlebell swings will tone and lift up the butt.

Kettlebell workouts work in a number of ways to aid fast weight loss. The cardio element of the training burns through calories quickly because so many muscles are engaged at one time. The strength training side of the workout helps to tone up and build muscle mass which boosts your metabolism in the long run.