Best Foods to Beat Male Infertility

A study reveals that the probability of a couple to take longer than a year trying to conceive is 8% when the male is under the age of 25 and will dramatically rise to about 15% when the man is over 35. Imagine how many percent more for it to rise when the man is over 50. 

A man's lifestyle can affect his fertility. By managing issues such as stress, obesity, alcohol and drug use, and nutrition, a man can improve the odds that his sperm will be well-formed and viable for pregnancy.

Nutrition is very important at this time so you should always try to include foods that contain the vitamins B and E. These are important vitamins because they help you to produce healthy eggs. Eating little and often will help to maintain blood sugars levels, and it's recommended that you eat whole grains, oily fish, oats, brown rice and leafy green vegetables as often as you can.

The main factor of causes for male infertility is low sperm count. Let's make it simple: no sperm = no fertilization. It is crucial that a man can produce enough sperm to fertilize woman's egg, and if there's a lack of it, nothing will happen. There should be at least 20 million sperm cells per milliliter or 40 million sperm cells per whole ejaculation sample in order to consider a man fertile, and anything less than that will be marked as sub-fertility or low sperm count.

An obese man could suffer from abnormal sperm and women who chose a lifestyle in which they eat a lot of fatty foods as well as junk food without consumption of nutritious food could suffer from various types of infertility causes. Without proper exercise to keep a check on their weight and physical fitness, a person could suffer from infertility causes.

A fertility diet can also be very help since it can regulate hormones in the body. It's important that you add healthy food to your diet which contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and calcium. Zinc and omega 3 will give you the necessary nutrients to detox your body. You should eat a lot of green and leafy vegetables along with fruits which act like an anti-oxidant.