Common Exercise Myths Busted

When trying to lose weight, a healthy diet is number one, but proper exercise is a close second. Unfortunately many people wrongly believe that exercise is painful, tedious, and not for them. However, most of these myths about exercise are simply not true, once put into perspective. 

When you work out with heavy weights at high intensity, you force your body to increase the amount of calories it burns during your workout, which last for the rest of the day. Imagine that you could be burning calories even whilst sitting watching TV. This is called the after-burn effect. This does not happen with low or medium intensity workouts.

One of the biggest myths is that the more you train your abs and the more sit ups you do, the more chances you have of your abs showing. How very wrong! The fat that has accumulated over your abdominal muscles over the years will not dissipate with an excess of abdominal exercises and countless reps.

One of the most over rated exercises for sure! In a very broad sense, getting rid of fat is a simple factor of expending more calories that you take in. And doing a crunch, which moves the body through a minuscule range of motion, is not going to expend many calories. Plus you're not going to see any benefit from them if you have a layer of fat over the top. Eat Clean, lift weights, perform intervals and you'll start to get where you want to be!

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