Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil | Best Benefits Of Lavender For Skin, Hair And Health

Lavender essential oil has a long and rich history of health benefits throughout the world. Ancient civilizations like the Greeks, Romans, and Ancient Egyptians have used lavender for its varied uses as a relaxing aromatic essential oil in both perfumes and bathing and as an aide for various skin conditions.
It also has an antiseptic and anti-fungal property that is why it is also used to treat fungal skin infections, burns, and acne and skin inflammation. Although not very common many therapist use this natural oil to help relieve patients who have problems with their digestive system.

The best way to treat headaches using Lavender oil is to inhale it. Add few drops of this to a bowl of warm water and breathe by bringing your face close to the bowl and covering it with a towel. You can also use diluted lavender oil on forehead and base of the neck to get relief from headaches.

Not only is Lavender great for all skin issues, it has the double benefit of addressing hormonal imbalance skin issues (not just acne, but any way the hormone imbalance may present itself, psoriasis, rashes, cold sores, even boils). While you are using it on your skin it is also prevents wrinkles, scars, and encourages skin cell regeneration!

Essential oil made from Lavandula augustifolia is the most sought-after variety, however, because it contains the least amount of camphor after the distillation process. This give the resulting oil a strong floral aroma and makes it extremely effective in aromatherapy when inhaled.

It is helpful for sunburn when used in conjunction with peppermint. When using peppermint low dosages are recommended as it is a very strong oil, and not suitable for everyone. This, of course, should not be applied neat to the skin.

You can put lavender oil on a cut to help assist in stopping bleeding. Lavender oil can assist with chapped or sunburned lips, scar tissue, cold sores, sunburns, open wounds, dandruff, and rashes.Helps prevent infection in blisters that often accompany more severe sunburns and other burns.