Health Benefits of Limes

Limes are a bright green fruit in the citrus category. They are often grown in tropical environments and, on historical note, helped sailors treat scurvy, which is a disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin-C. Limes are a small sour fruit that measure an estimated three to five centimeters in diameter.

Both lemons and limes are high in citric acid, which in turn is an excellent source for burning fat and detoxifying the body. They can even help with burping and bloating. Due to its potassium content, lemons and limes can help remove toxicities and precipitates in the kidneys, bladder, and can even contribute to helping with infections and uric acid build up.

Lime oil can be used in many ways. It is recognized for its use in the treatment or prevention of illness and disease. It has many uses in cooking and used for its naturally calming and refreshing smell, Lime Essential Oil should be included in all homes for medicinal and Aromatherapy uses.

Apply lemon juice with finger or cotton ball in acne, leave on overnight then rinse the following morning. Blotch removal. Mix 1-2 lemons with banana puree and apply to blotches for an hour. Make a paste by combining lemon juice and salt, use to rub off dead skin cells on elbows and thighs.

Lemons have the ability to help people lower their blood pressure if high blood pressure is an issue. It is also quite valuable in helping people control things like nausea and relieving dizziness. Lots of people that have high blood pressure will experience dizziness.

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