Herbs for Hair Growth

Ayurvedic herbs for your hair are most effective at promoting new growth, but are also helpful for moisturizing your scalp and balancing your mind. When it comes to these types of herbs, there are many types including Amalaki, Bhringaraj, and Triphala. 

Horsetail Oil can maintain the healthiness of the scalp and stimulate hair re-growth. Oil should be rubbed and massaged into the scalp. Massaging will help improve the circulation of the blood in the area and distribute the necessary nutrients needed for hair rejuvenation.

Aloe Vera and most nettles are greatly beneficial in improving blood and skin condition that will promote hair growth; while horsetail is excellent in keeping your hair shiny and strong. 

Blood circulation is important when it comes to hair growth because proper blood circulation allows for more unrestricted flow of oxygen and other important nutrients to the hair follicles. This is turn helps produce healthier and stronger hair. Ginkgo Bilbao helps improve blood circulation which in turn can lead to a healthier scalp and healthier hair as well.

Green tea is also among the effective herbs for hair growth. This tea contains compounds which prevent the production of the hormone which causes male or female pattern baldness. This tea is most effective when it is applied directly to the scalp.

Kelp hair growth diet treatment has recently taken over the limelight at the hair loss scene. Kelp essentially contains a varied number of seaweed including wakame, and arame of Japan origin to Irish dillisk. This herbal form of treatment diet comes mostly in dried or processed form and infusing the seaweed diet into your soups and salads has become more common nowadays. 

Rosemary extract may help prevent hair loss. To shampoo hair, combine steep 2 tbsp. Rosemary in 4 oz. hot water and add to a natural shampoo, such as Aubrey Organics, or more advanced, Beauty 4 Ashes Chinese Herbal Shampoo.

Saw palmetto is the herbs that are used in the products like folligen and revivogen. The extract of this herb is mixed in the composition of the medicine. Some pills are also available from the ayurvedic treatment that helps in the hair growth and regrowth.

Coconut oil is commonly used in massage but can be beneficial in restoring the natural state of the hair and scalp. Ayurveda uses coconut oil in Indian hair growth because of the nutritional content that can drastically effect hair health. 


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