Make Your MakeUp Last Longer

Pumping mascara in order to get some product is not the right way to do. It will most definitely shorten the life span of the product. A lot of air is going to be introduced in the mascara, which will make the formula dry. Not only that, it will also become a breeding ground for nasty bacteria. Instead, try to twist the product before taking the wand out.
Of course, we have all been sucked into buying top of the range lipsticks that claim to be 'even longer-lasting' but too many of us have been left disappointed when the lipstick has not lived up to its claims. So, when forking out double figures for a lipstick is not an option, here are some things you can do to try and make that lipstick last as long as possible.

Cleaning your brushes regularly helps maintain their quality as well as prevent any infections. After cleaning your brushes, allow them to dry with the brushes facing down. This way, the water won't seep into the barrel which might cause the glue to loosen. You wouldn't want the brush hairs to fall out.

It's easy to make a list of fruit and vegetables that you might need, but by having meals planned, you'll ensure that you can have the right quantities of produce, and some of the things that you were thinking of buying can go on the list for the next shopping trip.

You will notice that the longevity of your perfume's scent will almost double that it did compared to when you were wearing it alone. If you don't have the accompanying shower gel or lotion, you can just take a regular bath and then apply an unscented lotion instead. The unscented lotion will still be able to hold your perfume's scent from disappearing fast.

Always wash off the makeup off before hitting the sack. This should be one of the most well-known makeup techniques that should become a habit. Leaving your makeup on gradually damages your skin causing you to have breakouts and clogging your pores. Make sure you either wash your face with a mild soap or use a cleanser to remove all that from your face.

Any dry make up can be applied anywhere. So if you have powdered eye shadow, try applying plum on your eyebrows. If you have brush-on eyebrow powder, use it as contouring to narrow your nose, create cheek hollows, or to minimize a double chin. Barely wet a small brush and swipe it across the dry cake of color.

Eyeliner will last for around two years, but do remember to resharpen it if it is a pencil. Liquid eyeliner lasts for less time, usually around three to six months. Like mascara if it doesn't smell right or has an odd texture then it will need to be replaced.

Simply putting on foundation can immensely improve your look. It has the power to level your skin color and make any form of imperfections more subtle. Remember to blend your foundation very well at the jawline to prevent that artificial looking division.