Safety Tips for Women Drivers

Women are running businesses and are the heroines of nations. They are the super-women of their children and husbands, and they are considered as the safest drivers on the roads by insurance companies. But the fact is, women are still the most susceptible group to criminals, and because of that, they have to be more vigilant on the roads in order to avoid falling victim to crimes like hijacking, intimidation, sexual assault or worse.
When arriving back home, a woman should have her keys easily accessible so that she can glide into her residence quickly and seamlessly instead of standing around in the dark, fiddling inside her purse. If she feels especially safe with the driver, she can ask he not leave until she is safely inside the door.

Taking safety precautions when you live alone is a matter of developing good habits like locking the door when you're home alone, keeping curtains drawn at night, making sure windows are locked before going to bed, being attentive to your surroundings.

Secure your doors. This means adding more locks. It's also a good idea to add locks from the inside. In addition, install a peephole so you don't have to unlock the door just to see who's knocking on the door. While you're at it, make sure to secure the windows as well. Being on the 4th floor of an apartment complex is not reason enough for you to feel secure that no one's going to climb in your window.

Always remain alert when in parking lots or parking garages, and if you are concerned about going to your vehicle ask someone to escort you. Between, behind, and under cars are good places for someone to hide and wait on the unsuspecting person.

Ensure that you carry a self-defence weapon in your pocket, purse or back-pack. It may be a personal protection product, mace, pepper spray, Taser or a stun gun. If you feel that someone is about to assault or attack you spray the pepper on his eyes and run off immediately.