Tips for Washing Hands Correctly

A human hand is host to millions of unseen, most noxious germs; both our hands are very much capable of attracting these germs since they are unseen by naked eye. One should always know that wherever they put their hand(s), germs are going to creep and crawl in on their hands staying there with them till they wash their hands.

Make sure you rub the hands together vigorously for 15 seconds or more, making especially certain that both sides of the hands & wrists are thoroughly washed take special care around the thumbs, fingers around and under the finger nails.

Hand washing is a relatively simple procedure, but if not performed correctly, it could end up becoming the reason for your failure. So to be on the safe side, wash your hands for 20 seconds. In any case, there's no harm in taking a few more seconds to complete the procedure.

If you like using a toner, then use it after you cleanse. Pick a toner that is alcohol free. Alcohol has a drying effect and may strip too much oil from your skin. Toner is designed to tighten pores and heal your skin. Dab toner onto a cotton ball or cotton make up pad. Cover skin, moving upwards.

Make sure that you check the temperature of the water. You need to make sure that the water is not extremely hot because that can be extremely unpleasant for you and your skin. The best is to use nice warm water because this is gentler and still will open up your pores. Never use cold water.