Tips To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Using a light to moderate weight dumbbell, stand erect with your feet slightly apart for better balance.  Hold the dumbbell at your side in your right hand.  Bend to the right from the waist as far as you can without bending your legs.  Return to upright and continue the movement by bending to your left as far as you can.
Just like losing belly fat and getting six pack abs, you have to follow a strict regime of dieting and intense exercises to lose overall body fat. Once your body fat levels drop, I'm sure you'll get rid of those dreaded love handles as well.

You lie on the floor with both legs bent and firmly together. Then you lower both legs to one side while keeping your upper body straight on the floor. You raise your upper body straight similarly to a regular crunch so the contraction occurs in one side of your waist. You switch sides and get an awesome waist workout.

Holding a dumbbell at your right-hand side slowly bend your torso sideways to the right whilst keeping your back straight

Arms holding the dumbbells down at your side, bend your body to the left like you're trying to touch the outside of your knee with the dumbbell. Slowly straighten back up again and do the same on the other side.

Aerobics such as using an exercise bike or exercising on a treadmill are two good ways of exercising, but be sure that you limit yourself when setting a goal so that you can exercise everyday.

The numbers are not so important as the form that you maintain during the exercise to get rid of love handles. Many people make the mistake of pulling on their head and bending their back during this exercise. By doing that you will risk injury to your back, not work your abdominals and obliques, and not get rid of love handles.

Start by standing up straight and hold one dumbbell in your hand at your side. Then slowly start to bend the torso sideways whilst letting the dumbbell drift toward the ground. Now slowly start to straighten back up to your starting position using your stomach muscles. Do 15 on each side.

Lie down on a floor mat such that your abdomen touches the ground. Raise your head slowly while you place your arms firmly at your sides. Now raise your legs and your knees and flutter them to and fro one by one.