Warning Signs of Depression you Shouldn’t Miss

Depression can be a main danger factor with regard to destruction. The particular strong despair as well as hopelessness which goes in addition to depression symptoms can make suicide feels like the only way to escape the anguish. Feelings of death or perhaps committing suicide are a serious sign of depression symptoms, so consider any taking once life discuss or behavior significantly.

Persistent headache and chronic pain that do not respond to medications. Depression can cause a total lack of interest in food, so someone can start to lose weight without even realizing it. However, the reverse can also happen: to fill the emotional void, some depressed people turn to food for comfort and thus they gain weight.

Those suffering from depression may experience drastic changes in their sleeping patterns, including increased or decreased sleep. When coupled with anxiety, depression can lead to sleepless nights, restless sleep and waking prematurely.

Sudden rage, inadequate anger in response to some innocent actions or words. Although you might be recommended to go through anger management program, it's worth checking if the cause of your inadequate responses lies in depression disorder.

Individuals with significant changes in appetite, stamina and sleep patterns will usually crave for carbohydrate-rich foods. This may be a sign that they might be irritated or agitated on top of being depressed.

Another sign of depression is weight loss without necessarily noticing that appetite has decreased. This is true of the elderly and children more so than people in between, but it can occur at any age. In general, whether eating too little or too much, depressed patients report little satisfaction from whatever they do eat.