Ways to Overcome the Fear of Rejection

The tips and tricks you found from this article are some of the most effective techniques on how to overcome fear of rejection. Try them all and realize that you need not be hurt so much if a woman spurns you. You can still change her mind eventually or get the 'Yes' you've been dying to hear from another girl.
Life coaches believe that people fear rejection because they are constantly looking at the negative side of life rather than the positive. If you believe something bad will happen, chances are that it might and this will strengthen your fear of rejection. 

The difference between a person suffering with a fear of rejection, and a person who admires, accepts, respects and even loves himself is obviously very great. One cannot expect to succeed in life without a healthy, self-respecting sense of confidence. But because the differences in these two personality types are so great, many people assume that it must be very difficult to overcome a fear of rejection and build real confidence.

Be comfortable with who you are and start engaging women. When you are comfortable with who you are, you will not feel the pressure to "perform well", and this will make you speak in a more composed and confident manner. Being accepted is one of the most important things in the life of a young person, and in the process of being accepted we often confuse being accepted with being in love or being loved.

Most people who hold this extreme fear of rejection have something to prove to themselves. They are not confident in themselves and they are not sure of themselves. In some cases they are trying to adopt an identity and in their mind rejection would prevent them from adopting that identity.

It is indeed a crazy technique for most guys, but it works well for some reasons. Most guys have too much thoughts of rejection before coming up to that girl they interested in. When you take immediate action without any thinking, gives your mind no time to worry about getting rejects. 

Something like this is bound to bring out painful and unpleasant emotions. Because we humans have been hardwired to survive and work as a part of an organized social group where our presence is acknowledged by our fellowmen, whenever that is refused to us, we feel miserable.