Useful Shortcut Keys Using the “Windows” Button

Win + D or Win + M
This is the cutoff to directly head to the desktop from an open application. rather than minimizing all open applications that may be quite discouraging, you'll be able to switch to desktop among a second via this key combination.
Win + T or Win + Tab
Both these keys perform an equivalent task of change between the program icons on the Taskbar. This task is comparable to hovering over an icon. Once you target the required program icon on the Taskbar via this key, you'll be able to open it by touch the Enter or area key. not like Win + Tab, Win + T permits you to scroll through the icons of open windows on the taskbar.

Win + Number
Pressing the Win key together with variety from zero to nine causes you to choose an item on the Taskbar. as an example, pressing Win + three opens the window of the third icon on the Taskbar. this can be helpful just in case you recognize the ordinal to that you wish to modify to. instead of Win + T or Win + Tab, this cutoff secret is helpful once you apprehend the order during which the windows square measure open. Further, rather than angular position + Tab, this cutoff key will be a lot of helpful to modify between open documents.
Win + Pause
How many of you recognize regarding this cutoff key? Well, if you're an administrator or prefer to troubleshoot on your own, this cutoff key becomes quite handy. this can be as a result of this key combination opens the System Properties window in Windows XP and also the System Properties window in Windows aspect and Windows seven.
Win + Shift + Left/Right Arrow
This is the foremost wanted cutoff by all those that choose to use multiple monitors. this can be as a result of this key combination permits change to a window between the monitors. If you employ the left arrow, it'll find yourself moving a window to the left monitor from the proper monitor. So, isn’t that amazing?
Win + L
Have you ever thought of getting a cutoff for protection your computer? Well, here is that the powerful cutoff key to try to to thus. you'll be able to currently lock your pc in mere a second to place off those that pry their eyes on what you're doing on the screen.
 Win + B
If you're a daily user of the System receptacle, this can be the cutoff key for you. victimization this key can bring the main target on the System receptacle when that you'll be able to simply use your arrow keys for navigation likewise because the Enter key for gap the program of the targeted icon from the System receptacle.
Win + E
This is the key for gap the Windows adventurer from your desktop or from any open application window.