Dating Etiquettes

Every country has its own sets of dating etiquette, some of which you may find bizarre but you just have to accept the fact that cultural beliefs and traditions differ among countries. 

Dating can be expensive at times but you must put in mind that it doesn't always need to be that pricey.During the date, never ever talk about your personal issues such as ex-girlfriends, financial situations and so on; instead talk about social issues or things you both find interesting.

Making positive references to the profile shows that you have paid attention to what they have to say and will facilitate smoother communications. This also shows that you are intent on finding out about them and not just out to talk about yourself.When you first contact someone, say hello with an e-mail. Lots of online dating services have smiles or flirts but you can't beat a personal message. You can mention parts of their profile that have caught your attention, and it shows them that you have actually read their profile.

Knowing where you will meet is important so you can get an idea of the dress codes. If you are not sure as what to wear, then call ahead and find out. For a first date it would be ideal to find a place that has casual attire. It should be a somewhere that is convent for both people and allows enough privacy to talk.

Talk lightly about the first date to refresh each other's memory. Talk about your feelings and the things you enjoyed about the date. It will remind you both how much you have enjoyed the first date and why you both decided to have the second one.

 As dating advice, it is better that a man suggests his desire to pay for the date, and see the woman's reactions. If it's apt for her, do pay. But, if she starts arguing, then ask for 50% of the date and make them pay the other half. Never let a woman pay the entire bill.

It isn't all about looks, and you wouldn't want to make her feel like you're just parading her around to impress the people around you. Actually engage in a proper conversation with her, pull back the chair for her when she sits down and be as cool as you can get.One of the best ways to give a good first impression is to dress appropriately. This means not wearing outlandish, garish, tacky as well as provocative clothing that may turn your date off. When going on a first date, you should wear something sensible and appropriate for the place of the date.