How to Get Along With a Mean Neighbor

There are generally two types of bad neighbors. The first type is terribly unfriendly and mean. The other type is too friendly and has no respect for neighborly boundaries. If you are dealing with the first type, your best bet is to try and mind your own business.
However, if your neighbor is making an excessive amount of noise or causing another disturbance and you've tried reasoning with them, it may be time to approach your landlord. If talking with them about too much noise, find out if your apartment complex has a noise ordinance or designated quiet time. If not, this may be something to suggest to your landlord. Otherwise, your landlord may have to talk to your neighbor directly.

If the kids are the noisy ones, talk to their parents. It's not really your place to discipline them. If the parents are your problem, explain your situation and talk about how you can find a balance. If they refuse to budge, let the community leaders know about it.

Although you can't avoid some negative people, you may be able to limit your exposure to them. If they're family or in-laws, interact with them only as required to fulfill your family responsibilities. If they're work colleagues, keep your interactions to the job at hand. Don't socialize with them out of work or engage in gossip or discussions that degenerate into rants or complaining.

Undesirable neighbors come in all shapes, sizes and socioeconomic backgrounds, an equal opportunity annoyance. Sometimes it's just no big deal, but there are those who, due to unseen forces inside their heads, are just unable to find productive things to do with themselves and prefer to nose their way into other peoples' business for fun or sport.

A friendly neighbor is much more likely to call the police of he notices a stranger lurking near your house, than a neighbor who does not know you personally. Also, it will be easier for you to spot any undesirable strangers since you know everyone on your street by face and by name.

Your anger is the biggest challenge towards resolving the conflict peacefully. You need to control your anger by separating the person from the problem. Have pity on the person for attacking you because their real anger lies in the problem, not with you. View the situation rationally without allowing anger into the equation.