How to Put on Artificial Nails

Many stores online, as well as offline, sell fake nails. You can find them in many fabulous colors and extraordinary designs. The mass-produced kinds are dirt cheap, while those that are custom made for your hands will be a bit more expensive. You will pay extra to have these nails made to fit your finger nails; these artificial nails are also of a better quality and will last longer.

When putting on fake nails by yourself, here are some basic tips on how to do it. First you need to remove any old nail polish you might have, after that wash your hands and dry them in a towel. Then take the fake nail that is the right size for the finger you are putting it in and put some nail glue on the fake nail an gently push it on to your own natural nail under the cuticle.

Some people prefer one over the other because of the kind of activities they are involved in. For example someone who plays sports, might opt for a stronger artificial nail. The first type is called a sculptured nail. It uses acrylic, gel or fiber glass that is applied to nails. The substance is lengthened and sculpted over metal or foil. It can then be placed over the entire nail's surface.

Acrylic false nails are the most used. These can be glued on to the natural nail plate. These are made of monomer, which is a liquid acrylic product, and polymer that is a powdered acrylic product. Most women prefer this because of their durability. Applying and removing this type of fake nail art takes a lot of practice. It is better to go to a professional manicurist for this.

Fake nails are particularly helpful for people who cannot grow longer. They provide a way to fake the appearance of long healthy nails. Also, they are particularly helpful for those who have the bad habit of biting their nails as being hard enough, it is nearly impossible to bite them off. This helps to train people not to bite their nails anymore.

You should not in any case try ripping and tearing off the fake nails because it really can ruin your own natural nails. It can rip off layers off your own natural nail too when the fake nail is ripped off and it makes the natural nail very thin and rough textured and when the nail is thin enough, the part of the finger where the nail is, becomes very sore and this will last for some weeks until the damaged nail grows out.

Nail wraps are used to repair broken nails. They can be used as an extension or to strengthen nail tips. It is not durable though unlike the others but it is low maintenance. Wraps cannot be removed so you must let them grow out.

If you use artificial nails fungus may become an issue for you. To avoid it, choose a nail-care professional carefully and ask about disinfection procedures, follow recommendations for the care of your false nails, and deal with any symptoms of fungal infection promptly.