Ideas To Handle Romance In Office

It is not unusual for people in today's workplace to find their spouse or partner in the office. After all, most people spend more of their time in the workplace than anywhere else. If you choose to make a romantic move, be smart and know the rules. Know the company policy. Some companies have strict policies against dating coworkers; others just ignore it. Still others even encourage it.
Not every employer thinks love at work is a beautiful thing. Always make sure you know what your official company policy is before you dip your toe into the love-at-work waters. If you insist on being together, it's advisable to get your reporting relationship changed, which you can do so by transferring to another department or switching jobs.

Another example of workplace romance policies is one that prevents conflicts of interest between managers and subordinates. It might prohibit any close personal connection, whether it's a family relationship or an office romance. One solution to a manager/subordinate relationship with a conflict of interest would be to reassign one of the employees.

Most of their tea and lunch breaks are spent in the Internet cafe that is a stone throw away from their place of work; or even send emails to each other from the office. 

Conduct your relationship on your own time. That means don't use company email to send notes to each other, even to confirm a date; don't text each other using company phones, unless, of course, it's work related; and do not hook up in the break room. Some employers have policies regarding personal use of company equipment. Even if they don't, if a harassment claim arises from the relationship, you will have left plenty of evidence.

Letting your romance overpower your responsibilities means that this relationship is not healthy at all. Give her space and time at the office to do her thing and for you to do yours. Balance is the key here.