Light Party Makeup Tips | How to Do a Natural, No Makeup Look

Makeup has become an important part of every woman's life. It is no longer about making a fashion statement or about a social status. Today, every woman wants to look great and feel good no matter what the occasion is. Whether she is a working woman or a housewife, she puts all her efforts to look beautiful.
For party makeup you have to choose the green colored concealer. If you don't have one, then skip this routine and apply the concealer close to your foundation tone after the foundation application. But if you do have the green concealer, apply it directly on the problematic portions of your skin.

All you need for a party is a simple shiny lip gloss without any color. In this case, the shinier the better. Some glosses have multi-color shimmer in them, making your lips pop. Carry a tube of lip gloss around in your purse, so you can reapply after drinking your fruity summer cocktails.

With Party season coming up you might want to create gift sets. For example if your clients are going to a party you might want to put a lipstick, blusher, highlighter, powder and mascara for example together in a pretty bag that they can purchase and take with them to the party for touch-ups. Just make sure that you use those items in your consultation to demonstrate how to use them.

Concealers are available in a variety of tints. Use the one that matches your skin tone and cover all the problem areas, like spots and blemishes. Select a foundation that is of the same shade as your skin and apply it on your face and neck. Blend the foundation well, giving your facial skin a flawless look.

Be careful not to apply the grease face makeup thickly or in layers. If you do have too much in one spot, press down on it with your fingers to smooth it out. Continue to refine your face, using Q-Tips or a fine brush for the smaller areas. Grease pencils also can be used for the face, charcoal pencils for the eyes, and don't forget color for your lips too!