Lower-Body Blast Workout

The Lower-Body Blast Workout program includes very effective exercises that was specifically designed to train the woman's lower body muscles in a variety of ways, and while some of these exercises are known, it is the unique sequence of them that can help you to get the best results.

Single Leg Jumps exercise is exactly as it sounds. Measure out a distance of about ten metres. Start with your right leg and jump the full distance. Jump back with the left leg. Rest for about minute and repeat the process two to four more times. This exercise to builds balance, speed and power and will help you in landing from headers.

One really effective work out to get that visible definition on your lower back, butts and hamstrings is none other than the straight leg dead lifts exercise. Find yourself a barbell in a gym or purchase one for yourself. Hold it with both your arms. Make sure that you have an overhand grip over it. Now rise up to come back to a standing position, while maintaining a shoulder length distance between your arms and a shoulder length distance between your legs.

Calf Muscle are the two muscles that are just located on the back portions of the leg just below the hamstring may seem small and insignificant but if you include calf muscle workouts in your routine, you will jump higher and run more faster.

Kick Boxing is a great stress-reliever and a highly-effective workout that can target the lower abs. Every time you kick the heavy bag, the strands of lower abdominal muscle are triggered, which is what you need to strengthen and mold them into perfect shape.